Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Emotional Intelligence

First of all, what is "Emotional intelligence"? The definition of it says that it is the innate potential to feel, use, communicate, recognize, remember, learn from, manage and understand emotions and often measured as an Emotional Intelligence Quotient or EQ. I found that one psychologist S. Hein written that each child enters the world with a unique potential for these components of emotional intelligence:
1. Emotional sensitivity
2. Emotional memory
3. Emotional processing and problem solving ability
4. Emotional learning ability.
Also the way we are raised dramatically affects what happens to our potential in each of these areas. For example a baby might be born with a very high potential for music - he or she might be a potential Mozart -but if that child's potential is never recognized and encouraged, and if the child is never given the chance to develop their musical potential, they will never become a talented musician later in life. The world will then miss out on this person's special gift to humanity.
On the other hand, a child being raised in an emotionally abusive home can be expected to use their emotional potential in unhealthy ways later in life.
Because of these possibilities, we can make a distinction between a person's inborn emotional potential versus their actual emotional skills and use of emotional intelligence later in life. We can use the term "emotional intelligence" only for a person's inborn emotional potential.


bastete said...

It's really interesting topic. I think that Emotional Intelligence is important to childrens, and patents should teach them to be strong emotionally :)))

Gilmante said...

We have a similar taste because my blog's template is also pink and I put into tis topic the same picture! :)

janina said...

teacher told us to write not only good stuff about blogs..but this time i can't:>i liked your topic very much.and i think that the information about EI will be useful in future:D