Sunday, March 25, 2007

Queues psychology

First of all, queues are a part of everyone of us life. Queues are everywhere, from waiting in the market to waiting in the bank. When people are waiting they get bored, get stressed and lose their temper. Many studies show that each minute travelling on the bus lasts as long two or three minutes waiting for the bus in the queue. In other words, they waist their time!

For this reason, there is queues psychology. They try to reduce these bad feelings as much as possible. Psychologists use very different ways. For example, music, mirrows, animation on tv's, or puts different magazines. Customers didn't view the time waiting in the queue as "empty" or lost time, but rather as part of an entertainment experience.

I believe that every one of us, must understand something about queues psychology and how it works, because it would help you to divert your attention from waiting in line!

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janina said...

love the picture! i guess that's the last place i'd like to queue for:DDD