Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My future profession

My future profession is very interesting. It's related with helping people and understanding yourself. It's psychology.
In fact, I chose this prefession, because it looks very different from all other professions. It's quite new in Lithuania, but I hope that in future it will be more popular than now. In my opinion, psychology is very necessary in all spheres.
I hope that by studying it, I'll learn a lot about human behaviour, mimics, the meaning of body language, mental process, how people think, how to help people with psychological problems and so on. At 1st term, I haven't known a lot about my profession, just main things about what is psychology, but I hope that I'll know much more this term and next year about it.
But on the other hand, it can be very hard to find a job in the future, because psychology sphere is not popular and it is not progressing so fast. Some psychologist works other jobs, even if they have high education. For example: as social workers, bussinesmans and so on. Our Psychological lectorer last term said that just 3 people who finished studies with him work as psychological specialist. But I believe that in future this profession will be very popular.


Paskenduole said...

I believe that your chosen profession is one of the best! I agree that now it is not so popular in Lithuania, but lately it must be more popular

Egle said...

you'll be successful in the future with your chosen profession, just do your best and believe ;)

janina said...

uf..i still believe that before we graduate from university this profession become very very very very popular in Lithuania and all of us will find a place to work as a psychologists:)you should do the same;)