Sunday, October 28, 2007


Self-assessement of online listening to postcasts:
I've listened two postcasts. The first one was "Hunger: New Causes for Same Old Problem", and the second - "Musical Training Found Important for Communications Skills". The second text was more interesting for me, because there was as 3 text in one: how musical training is important for communications skills, about benefit of daily nap when you are tired and thin pretocted species.
The website adress of two postcasts is I think that the level of english was intermediate, because the postcasts were not hard. The rate of speaking was average, and in fact sometimes I wanted to hear faster speaking. The speaker's accent was American. I've listened them once for completely understanding, but also I've read the text, because I wanted to check if everything I understood right.
I self-asses my ability to understand authentic speech good, because for me it's not hard to understand what the reader is saying. But also I'm not sure if I'm ready for my exam listening paper, because I think that the more practice I get, the more I be sure about my performance in exam. I believe, that I can improve my listening skills by looking English films on TV and listening to podcasts as often as possible.

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